New Dive Location – Fiskavaig Becomes #30


On Sunday, Fiskavaig became our 30th dive location as part of the Below the Skye Line Project.  The images are still being processed but they look very exciting.  Images include: Lion's Mane Jellyfish (very popular last year), Sprats, Sea Mat, Eels and a couple of other treats.

We will be dropping the images into the social media feed before too long.

Sand Eels at Fiskavaig

Fiskavaig is from the Norse language and translates to Fish Bay.  We seem to be collecting 'fishy bays' with Tarskavaig on Sleat (visited in 2019) also from Norse and translating to Cod Bay.

Fiskavaig is a small crofting community found on the Minginish penninsular (translates as Main Headland) to the North of Carbost, an underwater dive site which has proved very successful in 2020.  In 1921 evidence of Pict settlement was discovered when a symbol stone was found on the beach.  This is on display in the Museum of Scotland.

Sprats at Fiskavaig

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