Gill Williams

My whole life has revolved around water, from my early years with my dad teaching me to swim in the River Thames to 24 of 30 years police service working as a police diver.
I have always loved the outdoors, adventure and nature and still sail, kayak, wild swim and climb mountains. On moving up to Skye I formed an outdoor swimming group encouraging others to enjoy the hidden world ‘below the Skyeline’. I snorkel and swim at every opportunity choosing different locations around Skye.
I only started my photography about seven years ago and am addicted to it concentrating mainly on landscapes and auroras but focusing now on the underwater world for the ‘Below the Skyeline’ project. I am constantly amazed at the creatures and plants that I encounter and I only wish that I could stay in longer each time.
It is also great to work alongside Geraint who seems to have the same enthusiasm as me for our beautiful planet and the hidden underwater world around the Isle of Skye. It is a very exciting project to be working on giving me even more reason to take the plunge - not that I need much encouragement!

Geraint Ashton Jones

Director - Alligin Photography

A love of the outdoors, its wildlife and sport has defined me and my outlook on life.  As I have grown older and the mountain marathons have taken their toll on my legs I no longer rush past our great landscapes, strain to get to the next check point, drive onward and upward to reach the distance summit or to discover how far I could push myself in the pursuit of exhaustion.  Instead, with a slower pace, I now seek to travel within the landscape.   With more time to observe there is more time to appreciate what we have around us, if only we give nature the chance to reveal Herself.

As a youngster I was never far from the sea and spent many hours swimming, surfing and messing around in rock pools.  Later life was spent on the water in sailing dinghies, yachts and windsurfers.  It was listening to a presentation from Gill about her diving and underwater photography that re-kindled my interest in the aquatic world and led to our joint collaboration in the project "Below the Skye Line".

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