Flying the Flag for A Common Cause

A Change is as Good as a Rest

Below the Skye Line took time out this week from underwater photography of our wonderful marine life to support four rowers from Bristol (the Bristol Gulls) who later this year will be rowing the Atlantic as part of the 2020 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.  The connection was made following an introduction from a crew we supported last year, HMS Oardacious, and Gordon Ritchie, of Gordon Ritchie Marketing.

The team were on Skye all week and they are using their challenge to raise awareness of the plight of our waters, seas and oceans.  A cause close to our hearts.

The weather this week has played havoc with their programme but we met them at Broadford New Pier where Gill took to the water for some half and half shots of the Bristol Gulls in their boat which was proudly sporting Skye's new flag on it's stern.

Geraint meanwhile made do with a ride in the support rib and some above water shots.  The team have been active in cleaning up the Bristol Harbour area so hopefully they appreciated placing their oars in the pristine waters of Broadford Bay.

Follow and Support the Bristol Gulls

If you have 5 minutes please check out the Bristol Gull's website and possibly even throw them the price of a coffee to support their great challenge and really worthwhile aims.

Bristol Gulls Website

You will see from their website that they are the first team to compete in the Talisker Whisky Atalantic Challenge in an eco friendly boat, so already they are trail blazers.  And in their own words:

"The Gulls want to promote a safe and healthy relationship with our waters. They want to bring awareness and engage with Bristol on a couple of key points: plastic pollution and safety at sea.

Every stroke, every mile, every soar, every tear, every smile will be worth it knowing their efforts will inspire change.

With your help, they hope to raise money in order to support these two charities and their initiatives."

Below the Skye Line wishes Lorna, Phoebe, Sarah and Sophie well in the final preparations and the race itself.  Hopefully they enjoyed their week on Skye even if the waters were a bit turbulent during their stay.  We wanted to capture, with our images, a taste of what they can expect in the Atlantic and as Talisker says:

"Made By The Sea"

The Whisky is the oldest that is made by the sea but they would approve of the very modern technologies in the first eco boat to compete in the race they give their name to.

Good Luck.

Gill & Geraint